Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Roadside Oddities of the Pacific Coastline

It was a long an winding road, but well worth the spectacular sights...
Here are a few of the stranger places we wandered to during our journey.
I had my hopes set on finding this out of service gas station (a pun on the Harding "Teapot Dome Scandal"), located just outside Yakima in Zillah, WA, though we ran out of time and didn't make it! Nonetheless, a quirky roadside jewel to seek next time.
And now I'm also told of this one, also narrowly missed! Java Jive Dive lives on Highway 99 outside Tacoma. As far as I can tell, still in operation despite its state of mild disrepair.
The tiniest church I've ever seen. I think it was somewhere in the Olympic Peninsula? (Don't hold me on this one.)
The State of Washington seems to be enamored with monumental steel cattle constructions. This pair was just one of many roadside installations encountered, though the subject matter kind of sucks. (Bad pun, I know, but couldn't help myself...)

We ate breakfast in this town, and upon entering the diner the record scratched. The locals occupied surrounding tables and faced us, so that we were gazed upon while we consumed our meals. I'm just glad we didn't run into the "rowdy rebel," since my car still has Yankee plates.

Drive-by dinos on Highway 101, Oregon. Feel a little bit guilty for not stopping for a painfully cheesy tour, but I was broke and it was terribly chilly.

Chelsea returning to sea level, an alarming transformation.

Oh yeah, Granger, WA has dinosaurs too.

Somehow I didn't expect to see this as I entered a National Park. However, it was a pleasant surprise. The fifty foot statue is dwarfed by the Redwood trees.

To be continued...

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